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  • Am I able to purchase more than 1 subscription or service for another location?
    Yes! To add multiple subscriptions or scheduled services simple go through the process of purchasing the service of your choice. Ensure the service location filled out on the order completion form is different for each additional purchase. Go to Click "Choose your plan." Select the service of your choice. Upon order completion, Fill out the required form. Ensure the additional subscription or scheduled service address submitted is correct. Click "Submit" Did you know? You can also purchase gift cards for others. Provide a luxury living experience to a friend or family member today! Additional assistance needed? Contact us. ph: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • Pest and Small Animal Repellent safe for children or pets?
    Yes! The All Natural Pest and Small Animal Repellent is not harmful to humans nor pets. The Repellent is used to deter unwanted pest and small animals from visiting your bin. Did you know? The Pest and Small animal repellent is FREE with the purchase of our Curbside Valet Waste Subscription. ($5 Value)
  • When should I expect my bin(s) to be moved to and from the curb?
    iValet Pickup Home will service your home or business between after 12pm - 9pm the day prior to your normal collection day. iValet Pickup Home will enusre your bin is returned by 9pm after service has completed on your normal collection day. FYI: Due to the various pickup times in different areas a specific time cannot be provided for service.
  • Does iV Pickup Home collect or remove recyclables?
    No, We do not collect waste or recyclables. iV Pickup Home will only go to the rear of your home or the location where you store your waste and recycling bin, then transport the bins to the curbside for your normal collection company to dump the waste. We will then return once the bins have been dumped and transport your bins back to their original location.
  • What should I do if service is not completed?
    It is very unlikely this this will ever occur, but things do happen. 1. Check you email. Due to Holidays, cancelled service by your local collection company, unforeseen circumstances and increment weather it may be possible that service was cancelled in your area. iValet Pickup Home will always notify the customers affected by this. No notification? Give us a call, Email us we will be happy to help. OR Login to your account, select service not completed. Fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours. Did you know? - iV Pickup Home follows the same schedule as your local collection area, Including Holidays and increment weather delays or cancellations.
  • When should I expect my subscription service to begin?
    Please allow 3 days after your order has been placed and the order completion form has been successfully submitted for service to begin at the service address listed in the order. The first scheduled collection day after the 3 days has past is when you should expect us to arrival. Example: My waste and recycling day is on Thursday. I placed my order on Tuesday. Service will begin the following week on Thursday. Questions? More than 4 bins? Contact us! ph: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • How quickly can I schedule Curbside Valet Waste
    All scheduled services will need to be placed at least 72 hours before the specified scheduled service day submitted at the time of the order. We cannot guarantee service will be completed if order is not placed before this time. Additional assistance needed? Contact us. ph: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • How do I cancel a subscription or service?
    We are sorry to see anyone go. If for some reason you would like to cancel your subscription or service with iValet Pickup Home pleae follow the steps below. Go to Log into your registered account Locate "Cancel My Service" within the member tabs. Fill out the cancellation form for subscriptions or scheduled services. Click submit. All scheduled services must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled service day to ensure additional charges do not occur. Your subscription or service will be cancelled within 24 hours of your request. Refunds will be issued within 24 hours of service cancellation date for ALL SCHEDULED services (excludes subscriptions). Usually the funds will appear in your account within 3-10 days. Note: For all subscriptions, if service has already been billed for the month, it will continue until the end of the billing cycle and not be renewed. Additional assistance needed? Contact us. ph: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • I have not recieved my refund.
    Please allow up to 30 days for refunds issued by iValet Pickup Home. Credit cards: 5 - 10 Days Debit cards: 10 - 15 Business days Pre-Paid cards: Up to 30 days Note: Refund not received within 30 days, please contact the card issuer. Additional assistance needed? Contact us. PH: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • I am unable to locate my zip code listed with the service of my choice
    We are growing fast and will add new areas soon. Unfortunately we are not currently offering our premium services in you area. If your zip code was not listed with the service of your choice. Please follow the steps below and we will notify you as soon as service becomes available in your area. Visit Click "Zip Code Verification". Fill out the zip code & email field. Click "Submit". Note: Refer 3 or more subscribers and ask us how you can receive additional weeks of service for FREEAdditional assistance needed? Contact us. ph: 1(833)348-2538 Email:
  • What if i have more than 3 bins?
    If your residence or business has more than 3 bins, please contact us via EMAIL or PHONE. There will be an addtional $5 monthly charge for all residents with more than 3 bins. Did you know? ALL YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS INCLUDE UP TO 5 BINS AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Does iV Pickup Home provide the waste or recycling bins?
    No, waste and recycling bins are provided by your normal collection company. We just assist you with making sure you do not miss your collection day.
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